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MusiVerso - About Us

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Lyric Writing & Recording Studio Quality Song Translations
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  • Meet LyriVerse

    Why do sound waves have so much power? Why do they make us dream, dance, rejoice, cry, laugh and connect to others? Maybe one day science will explain what we know instinctively: music is a melody message from one human soul to the rest of the world.

    Our awe of the power of sound - and belief that a song from anyone in any language can touch the world - inspired LyriVerse. And we want to be part of helping musicians make their mark in the world by translating songs and writing lyrics for a global audience.

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  • Pricing


    Prices start at $199 USD per project. However, since every project has different requirements, individual assessment is necessary for pricing. For a FREE estimate of your project, please Contact Us.

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  • Artistic Credits

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We appreciate your kind referrals of LyriVerse!

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